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One of the most well-known rock climbing areas in North America is my backyard-the Shawangunk Mountains, more commonly known as "The Gunks".  I've lived under the ridge since the early 1980's where I raised three boys and, thanks to my grandmother, became skilled in making many handcrafted goods.

I started out making my own clothing and sewing everything from wedding gowns to tailored suits to rag dolls. One of my favorite jobs was managing a fabric store! I also love making quilts, playing with fabrics of all colors is so much fun.

After a variety of crafting adventures, a friend saw a photo in a catalog of a particular bracelet and asked, "Can you make this?", and that was how Bracelets Under the Gunks was born! It has turned into a beautiful journey of creating one wrap bracelet at a time...bead by bead, in the woods under the shadow of the Gunks.

It is my honor to share with my customers the creations that fulfill my creative spirit.  Each bracelet is unique, and I love making every single one. Beads excite me!!

My wrap bracelets are the kind that make you feel good when wearing them. They will become your "go-to" pieces that you will reach for over and over, wearing them alone or stacking with others.

I enjoy using different materials such as semi-precious stones, Czech glass, leather, and various metals.  I aim for quality pieces that are affordable, and I handcraft each bracelet with great care.  My number one end goal is that I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Have fun wearing them!!

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